Viva Verde, Live Green.... Well, Greenish

In the words of Kermit the Frog "It ain't easy being Green".

Well Kermit you're right! It isn't. Let me explain....

It takes a conscious effort to be green; to say NO to that plastic bag, to remember to bring that blasted Keep Cup and hope that it hasn't been left at the bottom of my handbag again with a homemade fermented coffee curd/cheese Kombucha-esk growth that resembles baby vomit inside it.

It takes effort to pack my own lunch (wrapped in Beeswax Wraps of course), to say NO to the Soy Sauce Fish, to NOT use the Plastic Straw as I have my own Stainless Steel washable and reusable straw floating around in the Abyss of my handbag.

That's a lot of nay saying to do and its only lunchtime!

Not to mention I've already shipped three little people and one big person off to school, day care and work with their Eco-conscious plastic free lunches, reusable BPA free water bottles and recycled water bottle fabric lunch bags. Its exhausting just thinking about it, let alone actually doing it.

But I do it and I feel good about it, though it takes effort. It takes thought, forward planning and an element we are all too short on these days.... TIME. Now I'm not saying I'm up for any Linda McCartney type of awards here I just do my little bit when I can, when I remember, when time allows.

My goal for this year is to make little changes and not beat myself up if I've forgotten to wash my keep cup (again!). Try to remember to take my produce bags shopping cause I feel so guilty every time I forget them. I have some lovely handmade ones on the website.


Maybe #ONECHANGE a day, maybe #ONECHANGE a week, heck even if its only #ONECHANGE for the whole year, at least I tried.

That's all I'm asking you to do too.

Make #ONECHANGE and share on your social media if you like. You can follow and tag me on Facebook and Instagram

Let's make a movement, let's make a difference. Let's Live Green and reduce our single use plastics #ONECHANGE at a time. To help get us all started you can use code ONECHANGE on the website during February for $5 OFF.

Until next time,

"Someday we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection

The lovers, the dreamers and me"


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